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  The original name of this sport was called "VOGELPIK". It was very popular in Flanders around the time of 1792, and seems to have originated from the archery skills of the Middle Ages. "VOGELPIK" is the early version of the modern game of Belgian darts. It consisted of a stuffed pigeon hung by a wire from the ceiling, and in its bill a needle in the horizontal position was attached. The player would balance the wire and try to spear a wooden board that was hung on the wall.

The modern version of Belgian darts employed a seven inch diameter straw board that the tapered, feathered darts were thrown against. The target was originally made from pressed straight rye straw. It had vari-colored circles which were separated by metal bands that divided the target into six separate scoring rings of varying numerical value.

The darts (PIKS) were, and are still made of birchwood, the feathers are select turkey feathers and the point is made from polished steel. They are precision made, accurate and correctly balanced with a brass weight. We at Standard Target and Dart have continued the old world tradition that our grandfather, Arthur VanHoutteghem, brought with him from Belgium over 90 years ago.

The target is made from end grain Basswood because it is the most durable and self-healing material on the market today. Solid brass rings are hydraulically inserted in to the target to separate the six different scoring rings. The outside edge of the target is finished with a polished solid brass band. Our Belgian dart boards come in two sizes, the original seven inch diameter and the nine inch diameter (actual size 8-3/4"), which our grandfather introduced in America over ninety years ago.

Belgian darts has remained a very popular game in the Belgium community since the 18th century. It is not only relaxing but also helps to develop coordination skills, precision and self-control.