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How it all began...

      Arthur and Julia VanHoutteghem came to America about the end of World War I. They opened a business called Deppretteres Feed Store at 15224 Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan. After prohibition, it was renamed The Pointe Beer Store. In 1928, my grandfather Arthur VanHoutteghem started to make the Belgian darts and dartboards here in America.

Arthur and Julia had two children, Julian (Joe the Buffalo) and Violet Thompson. Julian VanHoutteghem married Donalda (Donna) Eddy in 1947. They had two boys - Arthur and James - who Julian taught the art of making Belgian darts and targets. 

Arthur & Julia past away many years ago, and Julian and Donna both past away recently. Today Arthur  
VanHoutteghem is the only one continuing the families three-generation tradition of making the Belgian darts and targets.